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And get rid of stress and anxiety when interacting with your global customers and partners. Become confident and efficient in your business communication.

Over 95% Of Employers In Non-Native English-speaking Countries

said that English language skills are important for their business. The most important language skill is reading as English is the language most often used in international journals, contracts and instructions.- Cambridge English Survey.

The English language requirements of our staff can only increase in the next 10 years, because our business will depend more and more on global business.’.
Natsuki Segawa
Manager, Aerospace Systems, ITOCHU Corporation, Japan

Best Reasons To Improve Your Business English

Quality business English skills buys you a one-way ticket to business success.

Know what to expect

About the Course

The Business English Intermediate B1-B2 course come in the form of 40 individual lessons. The first 20 lessons are available on enrolment. Once you have paid the fees, you will be directed to our “Thank You” page where you will find instructions for your enrolment. 

The course in on the “LeanDash” learning management system and you will require a computer, tablet or smartphone with internet. Lessons and quizzes are done online but assignments can be done offline and then uploaded. Pictures, audios and videos can be submitted after converted to the accepted file formats (mp3, mp4, jpeg, jpg, png,). All other software required can be downloaded free. (PDF reader, Open Document Software) 

You can dive right in and start with the first lesson immediately. The remaining 20 lessons would be available 30 days after enrolment. The lessons could be released on request earlier on your undertaking not to cancel your enrolment. On the “Your Profile” page, you can upload your avatar click on the link to open the course details: 

Lessons are divided into sections for:

  1. Introduction – with 5 lessons;
  2. Listening – with 7 lessons;
  3. Reading – with 11 lessons;
  4. Writing – with 5 lessons;
  5. Business Activities – with 6 lessons;
  6. Speaking – with 6 lessons

In the lessons there are videos, audios, downloadable course materials, website links for further free materials and lessons. Most lessons have quizzes that should be completed and assignments that should be submitted for correction. Assignment are normally returned with in 48 hours (week days). All quizzes and assignments count for the certificate level on completion.

The course covers vocabulary, phrases, etc. to help you in various business situations such as introducing yourself (whether to new colleagues or in a job interview), writing clear and effective emails and reports, relationships in the business world, effective partaking in meetings (overcoming your stress and anxiety), speaking and keeping conversations going, and more.

Know Who We Are and what to expect

About our company

 Originally from South Africa, we moved to Germany in 2019. Besides degrees in Building Science and Theology I also obtained a TEFL (Teaching English) Level 5 certificate from the TEFL Academy.

After selling my manufacturing and construction company in 2013, I spent time in web design, accounting and small business development. I started teaching English officially in March 2020.

Realising that improved business English skills can make a real impact on promotion chances and thereby on real income as well as company profits, I started this course with the unique purpose to help those wanting to increase their living standards and happiness in the global community.

Reach for your dream. Take the chance and become the person you can be. Take a step nearer to the goalposts by improving your English. 

Dirk Le roux

Dirk Le Roux

Business English Space

Normally you would have to fork out over €300 for a similar course. 

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Know What We Offer

About our Intermediate Business English B1-B2 Course

The course will help you with everyday business communication, writing professional e-mails, preparing for successful interviews, talking with colleagues, phone calls, giving presentations, and much more.

We will be focussing on business vocabulary and business activities for the workplace.

Ideal for professionals working in multinational companies, university students wishing to improve their business English future careers, and managers wanting to communicate more efficiently with international colleagues.

The course contains 40 lessons.

Stress & Anxiety

Very often, when someone is required to communicate in a language that is not their mother tongue, they are stressed and unsure of themselves. This course is specifically designed to give you the tools to make it easier to talk or write, to actually hear or read the true message of the communicator. It put you at ease and help you connecting with your customer, partner or employee in a relaxed and trustful atmosphere.

Speaking up in meetings, or other business situations, can sometimes cause a paralysing fear of being judged or humiliated by others, leaving one feeling ashamed and alone.

Often, others would look at people who exhibit stress and anxiety in communication to be less trustworthy, less competent, less socially and physically attractive, tenser, less composed and less dominant than their more fluent and confident counterparts.  

Negative emotions include embarrassment, performance anxiety, guilt, distress and anxiety in general. Perceptions such as lack of performance, loosing face and identity conflicts can surface with sometimes debilitating effect. 

Building Relationships

As you know, relationships are not only important when trying to land a new job or to sign that profitable deal, but they also have a great influence on our happiness and enthusiasm in the workplace.    

In our course that is one of the threads weaving parts of the course together - from "Tell me about yourself" to "Clinching the deal". We don't teach you much grammar, but rather provide you with the right words and phrases and show you where and when to use it in everyday business situations and activities.

These activities include i.e. meetings, e-mails, reports or how to keep conversations going.

Although the course would be extremely useful for native English speakers to help them in the business world, the course is really designed for business people where the first language is not English.

Reap Financial Benefits

“English is the principal language of international collaboration, and as in previous editions of the report, we found correlations between English and various measures of investment in R&D. This finding resonates with recent research showing that companies with managers from many countries earn more revenue from innovation than their less diverse competitors. English-speaking. teams are able to attract more diverse talent and access ideas from around the world. They are also more likely to collaborate internationally within their own organizations.” - EF English Proficiency Index

Growing your company represents a major corporate strategic goal and one way to achieve it is acquisitions. Research has shown that there is a direct relationship between Chief Executives’ cognitive complexity and the number (as well as the size) of acquisitions and thus growth.

It is very interesting to note that Start-ups are using English as an essential tool to compete against bigger companies and concerns. It may be an incentive for people who want to move up to the next level in their careers to improve their business English.  Communication is probably the most important factor determining whether you will be the one getting the job.  Research has shown that the most important soft skill that a manager must possess is  communication skills - required by 49.5% of companies.

We at Business English Space believe that your knowledge of business English can have a real influence on your future. Inadequate knowledge of business English in the global village will definitely be a disadvantage when it comes to career advancement and company growth. Why lag behind when you can become a leader?

How do we compare with others?


There are thousands of courses available - Google provides millions of options - Choose us. Why?

  1. The only course that we know of that is aimed at reducing stress and anxiety when using English.
  2. With 40 lessons at 45minutes each (minimum) the average costs equals approximately €300 - way more! 
  3. Resources can be downloaded and kept to refresh important issues.
  4. Ex-business executive with intimate business knowledge as your teacher.
  5. Assignments can be submitted in writing, audio or video - and are individually corrected and commented on.
  6. Business English Space certificate (digital) on successful completion of required assignments, providing proof of  business English knowledge.
  7. Dedicated Facebook group to network with participants.
  8. 30 Days no-nonsense money-back guarantee.

The Huge Impact of Business English Proficiency In Your Life

Improve Your Business English Now And Enjoy The Benefits For The Rest Of Your Life

Are you ready to take the next step in responsibility? You have put in your time, and have proven your ability to perform. You have earned that new title, pay raise and the opportunity to make a difference. With effective and professional business English you'll have the edge.

Huge Impact on Your Relationships

The moment you open your mouth people immediately can tell if you are an outsider or not. Don’t allow other people to consider you less trustworthy or less composed than those with more fluent language use. Remember that the first impression is always the most important part in a relationship or business situation. From the first time you speak, people make up their minds whether they want to be close to you or not. Subconsciously, you are naturally attractive to others when you converse fluently and confidently. Why not use your first words to get closer to your customers, partners and peers?.

Huge Impact on Your Personal Life

Others instantaneously based their opinion of you on the quality of your verbal (and written) communication. With inadequate business English skills people think that you have lower understanding and comprehension of their interaction with you. That definitely have a great influence on your advancement and promotion at work. No matter how educated, skilled, and qualified you are, the truth is that not having proper business English proficiency sabotages you in your work environment. Leadership positions always favour those with an excellent command of business English.

Business English Career Tip

Huge Impact on How Much You Earn

Using English confidently and efficiently is perhaps the most important factor in landing that dream job. How you present yourself and the way you communicate has a direct and proven effect on how much you earn. It is a proven fact that the only way you can move to the high-paying jobs is to improve your communication skills. Command of excellent business English immediately increase your confidence and self-esteem, and put you in the pound seats for the rest of your life.

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