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American English Fluency

Speak American English effortlessly and naturally like a native. You can do that, even if you weren’t born and raised in America.


English Speechschool

Weekly training, downloadable exercises, recordingsand speech assessment - Gain respect and confidence. Native or non-native.


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You can start immediately with any of the "Sample Lessons" and continue with them without registering, but to gain access to the other lessons you need to register and our admin need to enrol you. This should not take more that 24 hours, but is normally faster.

By clicking on the START NOW button below will direct you to the Course page with immediate access to the first 5 lessons of the course. The following 15 lessons will be available after enrolment. Please register yourself by clicking on "My Account" in the main menu. You will then receive an email with instructions.

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You can start with the course whenever you like and work as fast as you want to. We recommend that you do at least 4 lessons a week to enable you to complete the course in 10 weeks. 

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